Are you looking for a restaurant with fine dining in Vlora Albania? You have come to the right place, the Yacht restaurant!!

Yacht Hotel and Restaurant-Beautiful Vlora
The Yacht Hotel and Restaurant with fine dining

Yacht restaurant offers easy access, a beautiful interior with a great view and excellent food.

The Yacht restaurant with fine dining is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

Yacht Restaurant- up the stairs or take the elevator inside

The restaurant is located in the Uji I Ftohte area by the beach. Their map location is Here.

If you need public transportation, we, have you covered!

There are three Uji I Ftohte buses that stop near the restaurant. Using the Vlora City Bus map, the furthest Blue Bus to the south is where the restaurant is located. The map is at the bottom of this page. For more in-depth information see Vlora City Bus Information.

The other option for after bus hours is the taxi. For more information check out the Taxi page.

The Yacht restaurant with fine dining presents a beautiful interior along with a fantastic view.

The Yacht Restaurant inside-Beautiful Vlora
Beautiful Interior

Upon entering the restaurant, one is enchanted by the exquisite interior. From the beautiful architecture and large windows to the formally set tables. In addition, comfortable chairs.

To take in the view of Vlora Bay, sit at a window-side table or on the veranda. The view is a great way to complement your dining experience.

The Yacht restaurant features fine food and drink.

Fish soup-Beautiful Vlora
Fish Soup
Creme Brulee

The Yacht restaurant with fine dining features great food along with a full bar and a large selection of wines.

One fine day, I decided to try a fine dining restaurant. As I was near the Yacht restaurant, I went in to see what kind of restaurant they were. I liked what I saw so I decided to have lunch with them.

I ordered the Salmon with a citrus sauce and passion fruit. It was my first tasting of Passion fruit which was very good. It has edible seeds and is sweet, for those that have never had it. 

The fish soup was very good. It did not have a fishy smell, tasted fresh, and included small pieces of fish. The lemon wedge provided just the right amount of tang!

Everything was hot and nicely presented.

Something I always heard was “out of this world” is Crème Brulee. I just had to try it! Well, the rumors are true, it is one of the most delicious desserts. Splendid, very rich vanilla-like pudding with a caramelized sugar-coated top.

The water I was offered was in a glass bottle from Italy, Acqua Panna, which is excellent water. Along with the water I had fresh-squeezed orange juice, which was great.

The bill was even high-end, which I expected. Then again, the food was fantastic!!

For more information check out their website and see the reviews.

They have a great website.

Check out their reviews on Trip Advisor.

In conclusion, the Yacht restaurant with fine dining is a great place to eat.

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