Have you ever wondered what a Small Neighborhood Grocery Store is like in Vlora, Albania?

An overview of a Small Neighborhood Grocery Store.

Where are these grocery stores located?

Store front
Typical Small Neighborhood Grocery Store

Most areas of Vlora, have a Small Neighborhood Grocery Store.

They are tucked into a corner of a building or located along a street.

What products does a small grocery store have?

Grocery store items-Beautiful Vlora
Dry Goods

Small Grocery Stores stock a variety of products.

Including coffee, teas, baking products, paper goods, bathroom items, laundry products as well as various personal products.

In addition, canned and boxed items such as cereals, baked goods, beans, tomatoes, salad dressing, and canned milk.

Equally important are bread and eggs!

Don’t forget the water, alcohol, and cigarettes.

What about fresh produce?

Fresh Produce

Some, if not most, small grocery stores have fresh produce for sale.

Some of the different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables available are in my Produce in the Market video

Please refer to the Produce in the Market post for broader information on this subject.

In a Small Neighborhood Grocery Store, the commonly provided vegetables are potatoes, leeks, onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and spinach.

Some of the most common fruits are bananas, lemons, apples, and oranges.

They usually offer bulk mountain tea along with various seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Do Small Neighborhood Grocery Stores have a deli?

Small Neighborhood Grocery Store-Meat Deli-Beautiful Vlora
Deli Meat and Cheese

Yes! Most small grocery stores have a deli.

Included are various sausage-type meats, slicing meats, and cheeses along with dairy products including butter, milk, and yogurt.


Are there any unusual items offered?

Yes, there can be!

For example, our store offers cracked corn for chicken feed and seasonal plant starts.

Some of the plant starts are tomatoes, melons, peppers, and flowers.

Additionally, they offer fresh milk and eggs, produced by the local farmers.

In conclusion, a Small Neighborhood Grocery Store provides us with all the necessities and so much more. Check yours out and see what they have to offer!!

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