ROSSMANN & LALA- A Health & Beauty Store

Rossmann & Lala- A Health & Beauty Store is so much more than you can imagine!

They stock health foods and supplements as well as household items. Also, beauty and care products along with baby and pet goods.

Rossmann & Lala-A Health & Beauty Store-Beautiful Vlora
Welcome to Rossman & Lala!

Rossmann & Lala- A Health & Beauty Store is conveniently located near the mall.

They are located on Rruga Kosova just west of the mall. They are located Here

To assist you in getting to their store the Vlora City Bus stops near their location. There is a stop by the mall but the Tulla Plazhi I Vjeter bus will get you one-stop closer.

Rossman & Lala stock a variety of health foods and supplements.

Rossmann & Lala- A Health & Beauty Store- Natural Foods-Beautiful Vlora
Natural Foods & Supplements

They carry natural cold and flu supplements as well as a variety of teas.

To help you with your nutrition program they offer whey protein supplements, in large containers, as well as a large variety of basic food items. In addition, protein bars, dried fruits, and nuts.

A great place to get your healthy snack foods. Go on in and see what else they have.

Rossmann & Lala- A Health & Beauty Store that carries a full line of natural household products and garden items.

Home Accessories-Rossmann & Lala-Beautiful Vlora
Household Accessories
Rossmann & Lala- A Natural & Health Store- Laundry Detergent- Beautiful Vlora
Natural Laundry Detergent

As you come into the store, turn right and you will see a display of travel accessories and small appliances. Around the corner is a large selection of travel-size products.

As you continue, you will find a full line of natural cleaning supplies in addition to general household products.

For the garden, there are fertilizers, both liquid, and slow-release.

Also, to keep the bugs out of the house there are screens as well as insect deterrents, for your closet and the house in general.

For your next party or gift-giving event, they have gift wrapping and party accessories in addition to some nice gift items.

They have a large and beautiful selection of candles and accessories such as lighters.

On your way to the check-out stand, there is a display of stationery and office supplies.

Rossmann & Lala stocks an extensive collection of beauty and personal care products.

Natural Hair Brushes
Kids Dental-Beautiful Vlora
Kid's Dental Selection

In addition to a large selection of cosmetics, Rossmann & Lala carries a variety of personal care products.

Including hair care items with natural brushes; dental hygiene as well as a whole line-up just for children. Not to mention all the ordinary things found in a health and beauty store.

Rossmann & Lala stock an abundance of baby and pet supplies.

Baby Items- Beautiful Vlora
Baby Essential Products
Small Animal Food-Beautiful Vlora
Small Animal Food and Bedding

Rossmann & Lala offers a large selection of baby-related products. Including diapers, baby food, cleaning supplies, and other essential accessories.

In addition to the baby supplies, they have your pets covered too.

They carry dog and cat foods, both wet and dry along with cat litter.

Together with the other small pets, birds, and rodents, who also need food and bedding. They have you covered!!

Their hours of operation and ways to connect with them.

They are open every day including Sundays from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

You can connect with them on:



In conclusion, Rossmann & Lala- A Health & Beauty Store offers much more than a person would imagine. Go on in and see what you can find!

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