Alvista Eye Clinic in Tirana Albania, is a complete eye care facility!

Alvista Eye Clinic in Tirana-Beautiful Vlora
Alvista Eye Clinic Entrance
Alvista Eye Clinic Tirana-Beautiful Vlora
Alvista Eye Clinic Exam Room

Do you need a prescription or a diagnosis?

At the Alvista Eye Clinic you can get a prescription, frames and any kind of lens you want!

Whether you already have a prescription or need one the Alvista Eye Clinic in Tirana can help you. They will give you an eye exam to get your prescription or fill the one you have.

Are you wanting a new look? New frames or a different lens, they have you covered!

There are many different frames to choose from as well as a variety of specialty lens.

They have UV blocking lens, various color shades for prescription sunglasses and other types of lens.

Alvista Eye Clinic- Beautiful Vlora
Alvista Eye Clinic- Lens and Frames
Alvista Eye Clinic eyeglass frames-Beautiful Vlora
Alvista Eye Clinic- Frames

Dr. Dautllari is the owner of Alvista Eye Clinic. As a highly educated Ophthalmologist, he performs eye exams for corrective lens as well as diagnoses and treats different eye diseases.

An Ophthalmologist’s capabilities go beyond that of an Optometrist. The Ophthalmologist not only examines, diagnoses and treats eyes. In addition he performs eye surgery when necessary, such as to remove cataracts.

My Sunglasses fell apart, while I was in Tirana!   

While I was on my way, from my hotel Rimini, to the Grand Park of Tirana and the Artificial Lake, my prescription sunglasses fell apart. I immediately turned around, as I remembered passing the clinic, and popped in to see if they would repair my glasses.

The receptionist was very nice and helpful. She said they could fix them and would call me when they were ready to pick up.

She gave me a call and I headed back to the clinic to get my glasses. When I arrived, Dr. Eugen Dautllari, the owner greeted me. I asked him about his business and let him know that I was very grateful for him fixing my glasses.

Alvista Eye Clinic Chart-Beautiful Vlora
Alvista Eye Clinic Chart
Alvista Eye Clinic Contact Information- Beautiful Vlora

In conclusion, whether you need new glasses, frames or have an eye condition, the Alvista Eye Clinic in Tirana can help you.

I highly recommend the Alvista Eye Clinic for all of your eye needs!

Please check out the Clinic when you are in the area.

You can connect with Dr. Eugen Dautllari on:

Facebook at Eye.Clinic.Alvista

Phone: +355 69 26 66 681

Clinic address: Rruga Sami Frasheri, 8, Tirana, Albania

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