Laborator Mjekësor Kabalis in Vlora is a complete laboratory with on-site testing and analysis.

Laborator Kabalis-Beautiful Vlora
Laborator Mjekësor Kabalis by the Avni Rustemi Statue

With convenient locations, great staff and any test you need, Laborator Kabalis is the place to go!!

Laborator Mjekësor Kabalis provides great locations,  welcoming staff and competitive prices.

They provide two convenient locations with nearby bus stops. There is a Vlora City Bus Map in the footer. The Avni Rustemi Statue location is centrally located and serviced by all Vlora city buses. While the Rruga Hasan Kushta location is on the Çole Spital bus route.

The Laborator Mjekësor Kabalis in Vlora performs and analyzes all of their tests on-site, thus saving you time and money. In addition, their fees are very reasonable and competitive!

Above all, both locations have a welcoming staff that can help you in English, Italian and Greek.

Laborator Kabalis second location
Laborator Mjekësor Kabalis on Rruga Hasan Kushta

The Laborator Mjekësor Kabalis performs many different types of tests.

The types of tests are:

      • Covid Rapid, PCR and Antibody tests
      • Nutritional deficiencies, Diabetes and Cholesterol
      • Hormone level tests
      • Tests for bacteria and infections
      • Immune system and allergy tests
      • Genetic tests for DNA changes

In summary, this is not an inclusive list of all tests performed.

Test options-Beautiful Vlora
Testing Areas
Covid Testing Information
Covid Testing Information

My Personal Experience at Laborator Kabalis

In early December 2021, I went into the Laborator Mjekësor Kabalis in Vlora. Mr. Flori, the Manager, gave me a warm welcome and in very good English.

Thereafter I inquired about taking a Covid test. I also inquired about the cost and how long it would take to get the results. I agreed to take the test and then he performed the procedure with great care. While we were waiting for the results we talked about various issues. Within the 20 minutes, he informed me it would take to process; he gave me the results after which I paid him.

Because of my very good experience and their professionalism, I highly recommend the Laborator Mjekësor Kabalis for all of your testing needs!

Getting in contact is the first step to having a great experience!


You can contact them with the information below or at their two locations:

Manager: Mr. Flori

Phone: +355 69 332 3083 also WhatsApp

Instagram: Laborator_mjekesor_kabalis

In conclusion, the Laborator Mjekësor Kabalis has all of your testing needs covered. Therefore, when you are looking for a testing site, check them out!!

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