Taxi Stand by Mall and Beach Roundabout

The Ins and Outs of traveling by taxi in Vlora Albania and beyond!

Some General Information is in Order:

  • Base price in town is 300 lek or about €2.5
  • The drivers are safe, very nice, helpful and trustworthy
  • They provide clean and well-kept cars
  • Taxis are great if you cannot wait for the bus or it does not go where you need it to
  • They are convenient to take shopping: they will look after your purchases as you pile them in
  • Taxis not only serve Vlora, they service all other places inside Albania
  • Private Transfer from or to Tirana is within the $90 to $100 range. Ask before taking a trip.


Gjergji Taxi Driver in Vlora Albania-Beautiful Vlora
Gjergji-Taxi Driver in Vlora Albania


Gjergji (pronounced Georgi) is one of the nicest Taxi Drivers in Vlora that I have had the pleasure of helping me.

He speaks Albanian and Italian and is a very good, safe driver.

You can call him at 069 232 9547 or use WhatsApp.

As Well As Some Tips:

  • Always take a taxi with a meter in it. The people who say they are taxis and do not have a meter negotiate the price, which is always higher.
  • They appreciate a tip but it is not required.

Where to catch a taxi:

  • Sometimes in the street
  • There are some designated taxi stands in town
  • Someone can call one for you, just make sure they have a meter in the taxi
  • Usually near the big roundabouts
  • Getting the business card from a driver you like is the best way

Shortcuts to communicate with your regular Taxi driver:

  • I send a photo of the place I am near, from WhatsApp and he will confirm that he is available.
  • Use the Google Translator and Whatsapp to communicate with the driver.

Beni, my regular taxi driver, who owns Beni Taxi, takes people to Tirana frequently. He will take you anywhere within Albania.

He is very reliable, kind, honest and a safe driver, in addition he keeps his car in pristine condition inside and out.

You can contact him on WhatsApp or by phone at +355 69 917 7975. 

In conclusion, traveling by taxi in Vlora Albania and beyond is a great way to go.

Go and get yourself a friendly taxi driver!!

Check out this Private Transport link if you want to take private transport in or out of Albani, as well as the Ferry to Italy.

To give you more transportation choices, in Vlora, check out my Vlora City Bus Information page and map.

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