Vlora Feral Dogs-Protect Me is about the feral dog situation in Vlora. As well as Protect Me, the Animal Shelter, and how you can help.

There are many aspects of dealing with a population of feral dogs.

Feral dog-Beautiful Vlora
Young and Hungry

How do feral dogs affect people on the street?

Many of the feral dogs that a person meets on the street are minding their own business. On occasion, a dog may try to defend its territory. I have only seen this outside the city center.

Here are a few tips to maintain a harmonious relationship with the feral dogs:

Check out this answer, “What should I do when a stray dog starts barking and following me?”. 

      • Do Not pet or offer to pet them. You may get bitten!!
      • Avoid direct eye contact or staring at them
      • Do not try to get them to move from their position. Walk around them and “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”.
      • Do not feed them unless you know them

Another issue is the feces and destruction of the garbage.

There does not appear to be much of a feces problem. However, this may be because local shop owners or the city clean it up. As for the garbage, the dogs only try to get the edible items.

In addition, the extreme physical condition of some dogs is appalling to most people. They are usually dogs under two years old, who are starving, with a skeletal appearance. While others appear to be sick or have serious skin conditions. Some have been in accidents and are lame or with injuries.

Vlora Feral Dogs-Protect Me, the Animal Shelter, is the solution.

Front Gate
View of Kennels

Protect Me is a private non-profit organization.

Liljana Breshani opened Protect Me in 2012. She speaks English, Italian and Albanian.

In the beginning, she provided many hours of education about pet owner responsibilities. Including spaying, neutering, and vaccination of pets. Most of this education took place with school-age children.

In 2013 the city of Vlora had an overwhelming number of feral dogs and killed them as a means of control.

In 2014 Protect Me started the Catch, Sterilize, Vaccinate and Release (CSVR) program. She used her own money and donations along with some funds from the city of Vlora.

In 2018 and 2019, World Vets assisted her with spays, neuters, and vaccinations.

In 2020 and 2021 funds from the City of Vlora helped, once again.

Liljana is working hard to get the City of Vlora to create a permanent budget for feral dogs.

Clinic area-Beautiful Vlora
Clinic Supplies
Exam table-Vlora Feral Dogs-Protect Me-Beautiful Vlora
Exam Table

Currently, in 2022 and moving forward, Protect Me, is making progress.

Every month she has 10 dogs spayed or neutered and vaccinated. That is all she can afford, out of pocket.

There is one veterinarian who helps dart (tranquilize) the dogs to catch them.

It costs $70.00 to spay or neuter one dog and the vaccinations are $10.00 each. Two of the vaccines are Rabies and a combination vaccine including Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and others.

She currently has 80 dogs at the shelter and they eat almost 90 pounds of dog food a day.

Vlora Feral Dogs-Protect Me-Beautiful Vlora
Catching Some Rays!!

An adoption is a great option!!

The adoption process is easy but can take at least four months because of the vaccination schedule.

The veterinarian performs the spay or neuter, at the normal cost. In addition, He may donate the necessary medications.  

If you find a nice dog on the street and want to take it home, you can. There is no process required. The ones with a tag in their ear are spayed or neutered and were vaccinated at that time. They probably need a booster and possibly a Rabies vaccination.

Protect Me Animal Shelter operations

Liljana has two employees and is looking to work with the Work Away program for volunteers. She needs funds to build their accommodations.

She is always in need of volunteers and donations. Liljana has a few people who put out food for the feral dogs.

Locals can’t afford to volunteer. Because of their long working hours and the economic conditions in Vlora.

Her end goal is to get enough funds to build a nice shelter. As well as provide for the animals and educate the public.

Vlora Feral Dogs-Protect Me and how you can help

Currently, you can donate to Protect Me at straysalbania@gmail.com through PayPal.

Also, through Protect Me Albania at Cuddly.com, using Paypal or a credit/debit card.

You can connect with Liljana on Instagram and Facebook.

You can provide items needed by the shelter such as food. Contact her and she can provide a wish list as to what she needs. You can drop it off at the shelter or meet her somewhere.

The shelter is located off Rruga Zenel Murra. The location on Google Maps is Here.

To get to the shelter head east on Rruga Pelivan Leskaj, from the Mall roundabout.

Turn left onto Rruga Zenel Murra.

Then past Kastrati Gas station, take the first left onto Rruga Harrila Panjati.

Protect Me is on the left-hand side towards the end of the road.

The Vlora City Bus “Tulla Unaze” goes right by here. Ask to get off at the Kastrati Gas station after the Kanine Spring Fountain Stop.

Vlora Feral Dogs-Protect Me and what you can do for a dog in trouble?

If a dog is in trouble, you can help by taking the dog to a vet or contacting Liljana on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp at +355 69 629 0439.

If you take the dog to a vet, pay for treatment, and then want to adopt it, you just take it home.

In the case that you don’t want to adopt, but want to pay for veterinary costs. Get in contact with her and she can take it for rehabilitation and adoption.

For further information on the stray dog situation throughout Albania below are some references:

In conclusion, the best way to reduce the feral dog population in Vlora is to educate the people. Spaying and Neutering prevent future puppies. Supporting Protect Me is a great way to get started.

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