BIO BELKISA- Products from nature

Bio Belkisa is a Natural Products shop.

Bio Belkisa entrance-beautiful Vlora

They carry natural hair care products including hair dyes, natural make-up and skincare, a variety of oils including fragrance and essential oils, natural dental care, as well as dried herbs.

Bio Belkisa- Products from Nature stocks natural haircare products.

Henna Hair Dye- Bio Belkisa-Beautiful Vlora
Natural Henna Hair Dye
Hair Dye-Bio Belkisa-Beautiful Vlora
Natural Hair Dye

They carry natural haircare products including henna-based hair dyes as well as other natural hair dyes.

Their natural make-up and skincare products are great!!

Skin Care and Make-up

You have come to the right place for natural make-up and skincare. If you are not happy with your current product, come in and give these natural ones a try. They offer a great selection of make-up as well as natural soaps and lotions.

Bio Belkisa offers a very wide selection of oils.

Fragrance Oils-Bio Belkisa-Beautiful Vlora
Great Fragrance and Essential Oils

There are many different base oils to choose from including coconut, castor, and olive oil to name a few.

Bio Belkisa- Products from Nature stock a large variety of fragrance and essential oils. Among the many are carrot, peppermint, chamomile, lavender as well as rosemary and eucalyptus.

Myself, being a soap maker, have used their oils in my soap and they are great! The fragrance oils are true to their scent and hold up well in the soap. In addition, the base oils are very good.

They have a great variety of natural toothpaste.

Natural Dental care-Beautiful Vlora
Toothpaste Selections

Bio Belkisa carries toothpaste with aloe vera, coconut oil and miswak as some of their natural ingredients.

Bio Belkisa-Products from Nature carries a diverse selection of dried herbs.

Dried herbs-Beautiful Vlora
Dried Herbs

A few of the herbs to choose from are mint, sage and chamomile in addition to horsetail and nettle.

Bio Belkisa contact information and hours of operation.

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They are located in Tirana as well as Vlora. The Vlora location is open every day including Sunday from 8 AM to 9 PM.

The Vlora location is: HERE

To help you get to the Vlora location check out the Vlora City Bus Information and/or the map at the bottom of the page. 

In conclusion, Bio Belkisa-Products from Nature carries many more products than already mentioned. Go in and see for yourself, what you can find!!

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