Many beautiful trees line the streets of Vlora. Street Trees of Vlora showcases some of these trees.

Street Trees of Vlora-Beautiful Vlora
A Vlora Tree-Lined Street

Included in the Street Trees of Vlora, are a variety of trees, with one being the most common.

Sycamore-Beautiful Vlora
Sycamore Tree

The most common tree in Vlora is the Sycamore.

Did you know these are the same type of trees that line the Champs-Elysées boulevard in Paris, France?

They are in the Platanaceae family called Plane Trees. There are about 10 different species.

The Sycamore is a large deciduous (which means it loses its leaves in the winter) tree with maple-like leaves.

Its distinguishing features are its bark and flowers.

Sycamore Tree Bark

The bark is like a jigsaw puzzle that peels off irregularly revealing the new bark beneath. Therefore, the bark presents a multi-colored pattern.

Female Flowers-Sycamore-Beautiful Vlora
Female Flowers
Street Trees of Vlora-Sycamore flowers-Beautiful Vlora
Male Flowers

The flowers do not look like regular flowers, they are shaped like balls. The female flowers are red single balls. Furthermore, on our trees, the male flowers are two balls to a stalk.

Some of the reasons they are a popular street tree:

      • Easy to transplant
      • Tolerate pollution
      • Great for shade
      • Tolerate root-ball compaction

If you would like more details on the Sycamore tree, check out the Missouri Department of Conservation and the University of Connecticut Plant Database.

Magnolia tree-Beautiful Vlora
Magnolia Tree

The Magnolia is another large and common tree in the Street Trees of Vlora.

The Magnolia tree is one of the oldest trees on earth. With fossils dating back over 36 million years.

The Magnolia is in the Magnoliaceae family with over 240 species!

They are mostly evergreen trees ( meaning they keep their leaves in the winter) although some are deciduous varieties.

Street Trees of Vlora- Magnolia flower-Beautiful Vlora
Magnolia Flower

The Magnolia flower is the distinguishing feature of the various species.

As well as being very fragrant and beautiful.

Besides being a great street tree, they are also used in parks, golf courses, and as shade trees.

If you would like to learn more about Magnolias check out the University of Connecticut Database or click on the picture above for another source.

Linden-Beautiful Vlora
Linden Tree

One of the most fragrant trees is the Linden.

The Linden tree is very long-lived and may take up to 50 years to reach its full height.

They belong to the Malvaceae family and there are a few different species.

The American Basswood or American Linden is one of the species.

There is a wide range of characteristics between different species and within the same species.

For example, if you are trying to identify a species by its leaf, it is difficult because the leaf shape may vary even on one tree.

The Linden is a deciduous tree.

Linden flowers-Beautiful Vlora
Linden Flowers- extremely fragrant

The most distinguishing feature is the flowers.

The flowers are beautiful and excessively fragrant, to the point of overwhelming!

They are used as street and urban trees because they are:

      • Highly tolerant of pollution
      • Long-lived
      • Excellent shade providers

To find out more information about the Linden tree and its uses check out this Article. You can also click on the photo for more information from another source.

Mimosa tree-Street Trees in Vlora-Beautiful Vlora
Mimosa Tree

The Mimosa tree is fast-growing and short-lived but a great specimen for the Street Trees of Vlora.

Additionally, they are called the Persian Silk Tree.

They can grow up to two feet in one year, reaching its full height of 40 feet in 15 years. Moreover, their average life span is 30 years, according to an article in Aura Trees.

In addition, they are very prolific and easy to grow from seed. In some places they are considered an invasive species.

The Mimosa tree is from the Leguminosae family and a deciduous tree.

Mimosa flowers-Beautiful Vlora
Mimosa Flowers

Their flowers are very distinct and the part of the blossom that we find so beautiful is the stamen of the flower.

Another interesting fact is the fern-like leaflets close when they are touched, as well as when it rains and at night.

If you would like to learn more about the Mimosa tree, look at the Leafy Place Article

Palo Verde-Beautiful Vlora
Palo Verde Tree

Palo Verde means green bark or stick.

The green bark on the Palo Verde tree allows it to perform photosynthesis using its bark.

Because the tree drops its leaves in the Summer and Fall, they are deciduous trees.

In addition, during droughts, it will drop branches and stems.

The Palo Verde belongs to the Leguminosae family representing at least twelve different species.

Being native to semi-desert areas of the world, they are equipped with thorns and a tap root to facilitate survival.

Palo Verde-Beautiful Vlora
Palo Verde Flowers

The Palo Verde produces thousands of beautiful, fragrant yellow flowers during their short flowering season.

They are used as specimen and ornamental trees.

The Palo Verde goes by many different names including Jerusalem Thorn and Horse Bean.

If you would like to delve further into this tree, click on the photos or check out this article.

Jacaranda Tree-Street Trees of Vlora-Beautiful Vlora
Jacaranda Tree

The Jacaranda Tree produces beautiful purple and blue flowers.

The name Jacaranda is from the Guarani meaning “Fragrant”.

They are native to South America where Guarani is spoken.

Jacaranda is pronounced with a “J” sound unlike in Spanish with the “J” being an “H” sound.

They are in the Bignoniaceae family with over 50 different species.

One variety, called the ‘Alba’, is rare and produces white flowers.

Jacaranda flower- Beautiful Vlora
Jacaranda Flowers

The majority of species produce flowers of purples and blues, creating a beautiful spectacle.

The Jacaranda makes a great street tree as they are resistant to pests and diseases, somewhat drought tolerant, and make nice shade trees.

For those who are more curious about the Jacaranda tree, click on the photos for one source of information. For another source check out this Arizona State University article.

If all these beautiful flowers make you want to get a bouquet or a nice flowering plant, have a look at the Shopping category and the Flowers section for local flower shops. 

In conclusion, as you can see there is a wide variety in the Street Trees of Vlora with the Sycamore being the most prevalent.

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