Where can I get live poultry, sheep, and goats? At the Year-Round Live Animal Market in Vlora!

The Live Animal Market in Vlora is conveniently located and includes a wide variety of animals.

Year-round live animal market in Vlora-Beautiful Vlora
Live Animal Market during the Summer

The location is very accessible and easy to find.

The market is located on Rruga Nikolla Xhuveli on the east side of the Main Roundabout coming from Tirana, and Rruga Gjergj Kastrioti.

The Google maps location is Here.

Main "Welcome to Vlora" roundabout coming from Tirana

To assist you in getting there, the Tulla Unaze Bus can let you off nearby.

The bus route is marked by the red/orange bus marker on the map below.

The Year-round Live Animal Market in Vlora is all year-round.

The market is open year-round for locals to sell their live poultry and small livestock.

During the holidays especially Thanksgiving and Christmas the street is lined on both sides with animals for sale.

In addition to the holidays, during the rest of the year there is usually someone selling their chickens or lambs.

In the summer it is best to get there in the mornings.

Click on the video to see some rabbits, chickens, and ducks

Play Video about Rabbits-Beautiful Vlora

What kinds of Poultry are sold at the market?

Year-round Live Animal Market in Vlora-Chickens-Beautiful Vlora
Duck-Year-round live animal market in Vlora-Beautiful Vlora
Duck and Turkeys

The market sells all types of poultry including:

      • chickens from chicks, replacement or starter hens, and roosters to meat birds
      • Turkeys for your holiday meal or to start a flock of your own. There is a span of a few months when a lot of turkeys are available.
      • Guinea Hens
      • Ducks of all ages
      • Peacocks
      • Geese

You can get the poultry you want to start your egg-laying or meat bird operation.

As well as that perfect Turkey or chicken for the table.

It even includes small livestock and rabbits.


In addition to Poultry, there are goats and sheep to purchase.

Most of the goats and sheep are lambs and kids.

If you want a milking goat or a sire for your herd, just ask the vendors where to get one.

I am not sure where these fit in but there are also rabbits.

This is a great place to get a breeding pair to start your rabbitry.

In conclusion, the Year-round Animal Market in Vlora is the place to go whether you are looking for that perfect turkey for Christmas or to start your flock or herd.

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