Are you looking for large-sized grocery products? Supermarket Univers has you covered!

Supermarket Univers stocks a wide variety of large-sized products in a great location.

Supermarket Univers-Beautiful Vlora
Come on in!!

They are in a convenient location with a nice parking lot.

Located on Rruga Gjergj Kastrioti near the Rruga Kosova and Rruga Sazani intersection. Their exact map location is Here.

To help get to their location the Vlora City Bus will stop on Rruga Kosova near there. It is a short walk to the store, heading north on Rruga Gjergj Kastrioti. The store will be on your right, can’t miss it.

Supermarket Univers has a large selection to choose from including large-sized staples.

Large flour bag-Supermarket Univers-Beautiful Vlora
Five and Ten Kilo Bags of Flour

Some of the many large-sized staple products include:

      • Flours- five and ten-kilo bags
      • Rice- five-kilo bags
      • Oils and Vinegar- five-liter bottles
      • Tuna- one-kilo cans

They stock a large variety of noodles and pasta including:

      • Asian noodles
      • Egg pasta
      • Various pasta in many different shapes and sizes

They offer a nice selection of milk alternatives.

Non-Dairy Milks-Beautiful Vlora
Milk Alternatives-Even Vegan options

There are milk alternatives for every taste. Including Vegan Oat as well as Almond and Soy, just to name a few.

There are many other products, throughout the rest of Supermarket Univers.

Spices-Supermarket Univers-Beautiful Vlora
Spices and Teas Selection

There are many options including:

      • Crackers- large and small
      • Chips including Pringles and medium-large bags of Lays
      • Spices- also large and small quantities including:
        • Coconut
        • Peppers
        • Flaxseed
        • Bay Leaves
        • Large bottles of Cayenne and Paprika
      • Unrefined brown sugar
      • Variety of cereals including:
        • Muesli
        • Cheerios
        • Fruit Loops
        • Special K
        • Cornflakes
      • Baby foods and milk
      • Very large selection of wines and hard liquor
      • A whole aisle of kitchen items including:
        • Utensils
        • Pots and pans of good quality
        • Baking pans
      • A large variety of light bulbs and batteries
Baby Milk and Foods

They have the usual grocery store products too!

Some of their offerings are:

      • Full dairy case
      • Frozen foods section
      • Deli and meat case
      • Laundry aisle
      • Home goods aisles
      • Toys and recreation aisle
      • Including other products…

In conclusion, the Supermarket Univers stocks the large-sized grocery products that you want. As well as the usual grocery store offerings. Go on in and check them out for yourselves!!

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