Vlora Albania Ferry in port-Beautiful Vlora
Ferry in Vlora Albania port

Taking the Vlora Albania Ferry is quite an adventure and a great way to get your family, pets and vehicles between Vlora Albania and Italy! 

Two ferry services sail between Vlora Albania and Brindisi Italy.

The two ferries, the Galaxy and the Ionian Star, are there to get you to your destination.

The Galaxy, operated by A-Ships Management S.A. Company sails between Vlora, Albania and Brindisi, Italy year-round. They make five sailings a week with the voyage taking about seven hours each way.

The Ionian Star, operated by European Ferries, sails between Vlora, Albania and Brindisi, Italy, year-round. They sail twice a week, taking about seven hours each way. 

Galaxy Ferry-Beautiful Vlora
Ionian Star Ferry-Beautiful Vlora
Ionian Star

The Port of Vlora has two areas, the Vlora Bay, where the Ferry docks and disembarks and the Port Entrance where you prepare to embark.

The Ferries dock in the Bay of Vlora at the Port of Vlora. When you are ready to embark on your journey to Italy, the Vlora Port entrance is on Rruga Hektor Shyti. It is off Rruga Kosova just past the IdeaVino Wine Store, located Here. The Port of Vlora has a nice website, in Albanian, with beautiful photos at https://www.portivlore.com/

Vlora Albania Port Entrance-Beautiful Vlora
Vlora Albania Port
Vlora Port Entrance

A couple of different resources are available to help you plan your trip.

You can check out information about the Ferry companies, schedules and about buying tickets.

The first one and I think the best option is the website Directferries.com. They have extensive information regarding the ports, ferry schedules and ticketing along with general information. Within the website, there is a map of all the ports on the Countries Tab by selecting a continent/region. Even though the map is at the bottom of the page, it is very informative!! If you are interested in each port and a brief summary it is in the Route/Port Finder Tab. Go down the page and select Ferry Ports, then the port you are interested in.

The second option is Travel Agencies located outside the Vlora Port, along Rruga Hektor Shyti. They have information on the Ferries along with other transportation options such as Airlines and Bus Tours. The agents are there to help you get the information you need!

Ionian Star

While you are planning your trip, if you want to discover other parts of Italy and Europe, try these transportation sites.

       To help you get around Europe and Italy check out these resources:

The https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html website has a trove of information about bus and train travel. They even have information on renting a car with a driver! Along with this website, https://www.rfi.it/it/stazioni.html offers an interesting map of all the train routes throughout Italy. It looks more like an informational website.

To help you in discovering Vlora Albania and Beyond there are more transportation resources available.

Exploring Vlora Albania and Beyond, is easy with the help of these transportation solutions.

While you are in Vlora, check out the Vlora Albania City Bus Route Map; alternatively check out the Private Transport and taxis, to help you travel around Vlora and Beyond.

In conclusion, getting the correct and current information is very important in planning a great trip. I hope you have a wonderful experience, before you get to the Ferry, on the Ferry and in Beautiful Vlora Albania and Beyond!!

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