Look no further, Metrazhe Italiane has you covered!!

The Metrazhe Italiane fabric shop, located in Tirana Albania, sells a wide assortment of quality, inexpensive fabrics.

Metrazhe Italiane- Fabric Store in Tirana Albania

The Metrazhe Italiane fabric store is located on Rruga Ferit Xhajko, Shop 3, in Tirana.

There are many other small fabric shops along this street.

They each have their own class of fabrics that they sell.

Some are more specialized and high-end, with expensive, high quality fabrics and some are on the other end of the spectrum, with inexpensive fabrics.

Metrazhe Italiane- Seasonal Fabrics

Metrazhe Italiane, in Tirana Albania, stocks a large quantity of quality, inexpensive fabrics and the store is packed to the brim!

Even though nearly all of the space is taken up by bolts and bolts of fabric, you will never know what you can find until you take a deep dive into it!

She has a wide variety of fabrics, sold by the meter or bolt, at great prices. The prices are less than what we pay here in Vlora on some of the fabrics. However, the quality is comparable.

Specifically, she offers a great selection for dressmakers. Some of the fabrics she stocks are: Cotton, Cotton Prints, Polyester, Flannel, Knits, Stretch Knits, Rayon, Linens, Wool and Wool blends, Blends, Specialty Fabrics, Seasonal and Holiday Prints.

She also stocks some upholstery fabrics.

Metrazhe Italiane- Assorted Fabrics

I, being a dressmaker, have bought many meters of fabric from her and am very happy with them.

When you are in need of quality, inexpensive fabric for your next project, check out, the Metrazhe Italiane in Tirana, Albania!!

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