Metrazhe Spahi- fabrics and custom-made drapes opened in 2000 as a retail fabric and custom-made curtains and drapes store.

Metrazhe Spahi- Fabrics and Custom-Made Drapes-Beautiful Vlora
Welcome to Metrazhe Spahi

Metrazhe Spahi sells apparel fabrics of various types and custom-made curtains and drapes, from a great location.

Metrazhe Spahi-Fabrics and Custom-made Drapes is conveniently located.

They are located on Rruga Gjergj Arianiti near the corner of Boulevard Ismail Qemali.

Their map location is Here.

Furthermore, this central location is on the Vlora City Bus routes, a convenient way to get there. Check out the Vlora Albania City Bus Route Map below or the Vlora City Bus Information to help you.

Metrazhe Spahi stocks a variety of beautiful fabrics to choose from.

Woolens-Metrazhe Spahi-Fabrics and Custom-Made Drapes-Beautiful Vlora
Beautiful selection of Woolens and Blends

There are many different fabrics, including an extensive selection of 100% cotton. In addition to light and heavier weight woolens, there are polyesters and blends, knits, and a variety of other fabric types.

To help with fabric selection check out this site.

Variety of colors
More Great Fabrics to Choose From

Metrazhe Spahi-Fabrics and Custom-Made Drapes include beautiful fabrics for curtains and drapes.

Drapes (2)
Upstairs Curtains and Drapes Showroom

Upstairs, is an entire floor of curtain and drapes fabrics and a nice sewing shop.

After selecting the fabrics for your project, whether it is for simple curtains or special drapes, they will make it, in-house.

To help you decide what are the best curtains or drapes check out this site.

Their hours of operation and contact information.

They are open 8 AM to 10 PM every day including Sundays.

You can contact the owner Spahi Abazi at +355 68 204 9233 or

+355 69 537 5006.

In conclusion, Metrazhe Spahi- fabrics and custom-made drapes is one of the best places, in Vlora to buy apparel fabrics. As well as to get the perfect curtains and drapes.

I can attest to the quality of apparel fabrics as being very good. I have purchased many fine fabrics from Metrazhe Spahi and they are my “go-to” store in Vlora.

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