Alketi Librari & Kancelari- books and supplies is much more than a book or supply shop!!

Alketi Librari & Kancelari-Beautiful Vlora
Welcome to Alketi Librari & Kancelari in Vlora

Alketi-books and supplies offer an extensive collection of books. Also, art, party and gift supplies. Additionally office supplies, electronics and a children’s educational section.

Excellent selection of books

Alketi offers various genres of books in Albanian, including children’s books. as well as a foreign language section.

There is a very large selection of Albanian books for adults as well as younger readers.

Most of the children’s books are in Albanian, yet there are some to learn English. The children’s storybooks are beautifully illustrated. Furthermore, they are a great way to improve or learn to read Albanian.

The foreign language section includes language dictionaries. Translating from Albanian to Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Greek and vice versa. As well as a few books on learning English and Albanian.

Paint Supplies-Beautiful Vlora
Art Supplies

Alketi has one of the largest offerings of Art supplies.

They cover a wide variety such as:

Painting supplies include oils, acrylics, easels, canvasses and spray paints. Additionally, drawing mediums, clay tools, scrapbooking paper, and poster board.

Party Time-Beautiful Vlora
Party and Gift Items

Alketi-books and supplies, stock a nice selection of party and gift supplies.

Some of the items included are balloons, a variety of wrapping papers, glitter and cute gift bags.

Office supplies-Beautiful Vlora
Office and School Supplies
Alketi-books and supplies-Beautiful Vlora
More Office and School Supplies

Alketi stocks an enormous amount and variety of office and school supplies.

Get your office organized with their whiteboards, chalkboards and corkboards. Along with their planners and calendars.

Alketi carries all your paper, writing and other important office and school supplies. Not to mention, their beautiful gift pen sets.

Alketi-electronics accessories-Beautiful Vlora
Electronic Accessories

Alketi Librari & Kancelari- books and supplies stock a great electronic accessories section.

Some of the items offered are computer mice, keyboards, speakers and headphones. 

Toy cars-Beautiful Vlora
Great Cars
Puzzles-Beautiful Vlora

The children’s section is filled with toys along with science and educational projects.

Playdough-Alketi-Beautiful Vlora
Toys-Beautiful Vlora
Educational Toys

Alketi- books and supplies stock educational toys. Including science projects, puzzles, watercolors and playdough. To power the toys a large selection of batteries is offered. Children’s backpacks and pencil cases are available to help your family get ready for school.

They are conveniently located. Below are their hours and contact information.

They are located on Rruga Kosova. Their map location is HERE. For your convenience, the Vlora City Bus stops near their location.

Alketi- books and supplies is open every day including Sundays from 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

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In conclusion, Alketi Librari & Kancelari is a great place to get the books and supplies you need.

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