The Bloom Room Flowers Shop offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Additionally, beautiful flower arrangements.

Bloom Room Flowers Shop-Beautiful Vlora
Bloom Room Flowers Shop- Vlora Albania

The Bloom Room is in a great location and offers a large variety of plants and flowers to choose from.

Bloom Room-Beautiful Vlora
Bloom Room

The Bloom Room Flowers Shop is located in a great spot.

They are located in the center of Vlora at the corner of Rruga Hasan Kushta and Rruga Misto Mele. Conveniently located with Vlora City Bus access. Also, they are a short walk from Boulevard Ismail Qemali, the main street through town. Here is the map location.

Orchid Live Plants-Beautiful Vlora
Live Orchid Plants
Outside Plants
Bonsai plants-Beautiful Vlora
Bonsai and Indoor Plants

Bloom Room includes a large variety of both indoor and outdoor plants.

There is a large variety of both outdoor and indoor plants ranging from trees to the smallest cactus.

The Bloom Room Flowers Shop stocks trees and shrubs. They are grown for their foliage as well as privacy screens. Besides, some of the outdoor plants can be grown indoors.

The Bloom Room offers a wide range of indoor plants. Ranging from easy-to-grow foliage plants to more exotic flowering plants. Including the Anthurium and Orchids.

To help you with choosing the best indoor plant check out this website.

Bloom Room Flowers Shop-cut flowers-Beautiful Vlora
Cut Flowers
Cut Flower-Bloom Room-Beautiful Vlora
More Cut Flowers
Bloom Room-Carnations-Beautiful Vlora

The Bloom Room provides a wide selection of cut flowers for flower arrangements.

When you need a beautiful flower arrangement the Bloom Room can make it for you.

There is a wide range of colors to choose from as well as many different types of flowers. Including roses, lilies, carnations, sunflowers and many others.

The Bloom Room Flowers Shop offers a lot of ribbons and other accessories to choose from. They are the “icing on the cake” for your flower arrangement!!

The Bloom Room Flowers Shop hours and contact information.

They are open every day including Sundays from 7 AM to 9 PM.

Bloom Room can be contacted on Instagram at:

As well as by phone:

 +355 69 213 39999 or 069 676 3555

In conclusion, the Bloom Room Flowers Shop offers many options for plants. Furthermore, a wide variety of options for flower arrangements and bouquets. Go in and check them out.

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