Delicious food, a beautiful location and great waiters make the Taverna E Miqesise in Nartë a must-go place.

Taverna E Miqesise-Beautiful Vlora
Taverna E Miqesise

The Taverna E Miqesise in Nartë is in a great location with an excellent menu as well as helpful staff.

The restaurant, located before entering Nartë, sits beside a beautiful stream.

Taverna E Miqesise in Nartë-Beautiful Vlora
Taverna E Miqesise in Nartë
Small river beside restaurant-Beautiful Vlora
Beautiful stream beside restaurant

The Taverna E Miqesise in Nartë is located near the sign to the trailhead of the “Vjosë-Nartë” Delta Protected Landscape.

 The restaurant’s map location is Here.

There is a beautiful stream with a grassy area running along the north side of the restaurant. A quaint wooden bridge crosses the stream to enter Nartë.

Across the street from the restaurant sits a Visitor Information Center. On the outside is a map of the “Vjosë-Nartë” Delta Protected Landscape and the birds within it. It shows the trailhead including the trail around the area.

The restaurant, across the road, is accessed by stairs leading up to a covered walkway. The walkway is wide allowing outside dining.

Tourism Office-Beautiful Vlora
Tourism Office
Map of Vjosë-Nartë Protected Landscape-Beautiful Vlora
Map of Vjosë-Nartë Protected Landscape

The Taverna E Miqesise in Nartë has a great menu and staff.

Seafood Medley-Delicious!
Excellent Fish Soup-Beautiful Vlora
Excellent Fish Soup

Upon entering the restaurant one is greeted by a spacious and nicely decorated room. In addition to a pleasant atmosphere with ambient music playing.

The staff is welcoming and very helpful.

The menu is mostly seafood although steak is offered as well as other options.

There is a bar along with a variety of wines to choose from.

Mountainview from Taverna E Miqesise-Beautiful Vlora
Mountain view by Taverna E Miqesise in Nartë

Let me tell you about my experience at the Taverna E Miqesise.

I wanted to see the town of Nartë, but on my way, I saw the Taverna restaurant. After checking the reviews on Tripadvisor, as they were encouraging, I decided to give them a try.

The waiter was very nice and spoke English. He helped me decide what to order by answering my questions about the menu items.

The food was hot and delicious. From the bread to the olives and yogurt, as well as the fish soup and finally the main dish. I had the seafood medley with linguine and it is something that I have since returned for.

I had a great experience and I highly recommend them!!

The restaurant has great hours and various ways to connect with them.

Taverna E Miqesise is open from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm every day of the week including Sunday.

You can connect with them by: 

Phone: 069-213-6299

Facebook: Here

Instagram: Here

In conclusion, the Taverna E Miqesise in Nartë is a great place to eat, with great food and helpful staff. Go on in and check them out!!

To help you get to the restaurant Here is information on Vlora Taxis.

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