Aulona Flowers in Vlora, with two locations, is family-owned and operated. They offer a wide variety of plants in addition to cut flowers. Furthermore, they prepare beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements.

Aulona Flowers in Vlora-Flag Square location-Beautiful Vlora
Aulona Flowers in Vlora- Flag Square Location
Aulona Flowers in Vlora-Theatre location-Beautiful Vlora
Aulona Flowers- Theatre Location

With two locations and a very large selection of healthy plants besides cut flowers, Aulona Flowers has you covered! 

They have two locations to serve you!

Aulona Flowers offers two locations to better serve you!

The largest location is by Flags Square and BKT Bank, on Boulevard Ismail Qemali.

The second location is on the corner of Boulevard Ismail Qemali and Veledin Kollozi, near the theatre Petro Marko.

To help get to either location the Vlora City Bus includes nearby stops. See the Vlora City Bus Map at the bottom or the link above.

Aulona Flowers in Vlora present a broad variety of indoor plants.

White Orchids-Beautiful Vlora
Potted plant-Beautiful Vlora
Beautiful Indoor Plant

They stock a wide variety of indoor plants to choose from, in a rainbow of colors. Including common indoor plants such as the Peace Lilly and Snake Plant. In addition, uncommon plants such as the Orchid. Some plants produce beautiful foliage while others are profuse flowerers.

To help you select the best type of plant for your setting check out this website.

There are a variety of outdoor plants at Aulona Flowers in Vlora.

Outdoor plants-Aulona Flowers in Vlora- Beautiful Vlora
Outdoor Plants
Outdoor Flowering Plants-Beautiful Vlora
Outdoor Flowering Plants

Azaleas, Palms, and ornamental trees to help you liven up your garden or terrace.

They stock a lot of cut flowers to make beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements.

Aulona Flowers-cut flowers-Beautiful Vlora
Cut Flower Assortment
Bouquets-Beautiful Vlora

Aulona Flowers stocks a large assortment of cut flowers, greenery and accessories. Roses in various colors, Carnations, Daisies and Lilies, just to name a few, are ready to create a beautiful bouquet or flower arrangement.

How to get in touch with Aulona Flowers and hours of operation.

They are open every day including Sunday from 8 am to 10 pm.

Contact them by phone or on social media:

069 203 9801

069 432 7190

Facebook- Aulona Flowers


In conclusion, Aulona Flowers is a great place to get that special plant, bouquet, or flower arrangement. Go on in and see what they have to offer!

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