TEAMRA HERBALS-Natural Health & Beauty

Teamra Herbals is the place to get your Natural Health & Beauty supplies. They are conveniently located throughout Albania.

Teamra Herbals-Natural Health & Beauty-Beautiful Vlora
Vlora- Teamra Herbals

Teamra Herbals-Natural Health & Beauty features natural skin and hair care, food items, and other natural products.

With several locations throughout Albania, Teamra Herbals is ready to serve you!

Teamra Herbals-Natural Health & Beauty is conveniently located in Tirana with three locations: All Herbals-Bulevardi Zhan D’Ark and Kavaja Street as well as Rruga Hoxha Tahsim. In addition to Elbasan, Vlora, Sarande and a new store in Korce. Follow their Google map links to find a location near you.

To assist in getting to the Vlora location, the Vlora City Bus stops nearby. For more information see Vlora City Bus Information or the map at the bottom of this post.

Teamra Herbals offers a great selection of skin and hair care products.

Skincare-Teamra Herbals-Beautiful Vlora
Great Skin and Hair Care Products

You can create your skincare products using clays and base oils along with essential and fragrance oils. If you want a prepared product, choose from the variety of masks, lotions and creams available. In addition, they offer a great selection of natural soaps.

For your hair care, there is a variety of natural shampoos, conditioners and natural hair dyes. As well as other products.

There is a nice selection of natural food products to keep you going.

Natural Food Products- Teamra Herbals- Natural Health & Beauty-Beautiful Vlora
Natural Foods

Teamra Herbals stocks natural food products. Among them are honey, raw coconut sugar, flaxseed, organic coconut oil in addition to herbal teas.

Teamra Herbals-Natural Health & Beauty is a great place to get your soap-making supplies!

Fragrance Oils-Teamra Herbals-Natural Health & Beauty- Beautiful Vlora
Fragrance Oils
Base Oils-Beautiful Vlora
Base Oils

This is a great place to get your base oils such as coconut and castor oil. In addition, they stock linseed, almond and black seed oil.

For your other soap-making essentials they carry essential oils, fragrance oils, various clays as well as henna.

Get connected on social media and check out the Vlora store hours.

Connect with Teamra Herbals on social media and at their websites.

Their main website is Teamra Herbals.

Their website for their All Herbals/Teamra Herbals store in Tirana.

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Facebook in Tirana

Facebook in Vlora

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The Vlora store is open every day including Sundays from 9 am to 9 pm.

In conclusion, Teamra Herbals-Natural Health & Beauty offers a great variety of natural products. Next time you are in the area of one of these stores, go in and see what they have to offer.

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