Salvadore Hotel, Restaurant, and Seafood Market

The Salvadore hotel, restaurant, and seafood market offers an exceptional experience!

Start your vacation at the Salvadore hotel with a great restaurant, and seafood market.

They are conveniently located, family-owned, and operated.

Seafood Selection
Morning Catch!!

The Salvadore was established in 2012.

They are a family-owned and operated business with a hotel, seafood restaurant, and seafood market.

Having their own boat allows them to bring fresh seafood to the market every morning.

The fact that the whole establishment smelled clean, fresh, and not fishy, really surprised me.

Their complex is conveniently located with private parking. The location on google maps is Here.

They are just down the street from a large, nice grocery store the Sapori Market.

In addition, they are within walking distance to the Main Mall and the beach.

The Vlora City Bus “Tulla Unaze” stops next to the Salvadore location.

Furthermore, you can get a bus to anywhere in Vlora, from the Main Mall.

See the Bus map at the bottom or in the link above.

Salvadore Seafood Hotel,Restaurant, and Seafood Market-Beautiful Vlora
Beautiful Interior

The restaurant is a seafood exclusive establishment.

The restaurant is beautifully arranged with nice furnishings. It can seat from 60 to 70 people and provides a clean and pleasurable dining experience.

There are two options for ordering. The first option is the usual route of sitting down and ordering from the menu.

The second option is to pick your fresh seafood and they will cook it for you. You pay the price of the seafood that you picked.

In addition, to have the fish cooked on the grill there is a 200 lek charge which is about 1.5 euros or $1.75.

Any side dishes and drinks, to complete the meal, are added on at a reasonable price.

They serve all manner of side dishes to accompany the main seafood dish.

They offer a killer fish soup!!

Excellent Fish Soup-Beautiful Vlora
Best Fish Soup
Bread-Beautiful Vlora
Great For Dipping

Salvadore Hotel, Restaurant, and Seafood Market offer a nice hotel.

There are currently 10 rooms in the hotel but they are adding four more next year.

To learn more about the hotel go to their site at

Salvadore Hotel, Restaurant, and Seafood Market- hours of operation and contact information.

The Seafood Market is open every day including Sundays from 7 AM to 11 PM.

The Restaurant is open every day including Sundays from 11:30 AM to Midnight.

Of course, the Hotel is always open.

You can book a hotel reservation or get the latest information about the restaurant and seafood available by contacting them on:





Phone: +355 69 443 8880 WhatsApp

The administrator is Melsi Mustafaj and he speaks English, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Albanian.

In conclusion for a great all-around place to stay or just a place to get excellent seafood, check out the Salvadore Hotel, Restaurant, and Seafood Market in Vlora.

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