Sapori Grocery-Beautiful Vlora
Sapori Groceries and Fresh Produce-Vlora Albania

Sapori groceries and fresh produce market is centrally located and a great place to get fresh, whole foods, general groceries as well as wines and deli items.

Bus Stop- Turn around and go back the way the bus came
Heading east passing HP Hotel
Heading east from bus stop past HP Hotel- Sapori will be on the left

Sapori is easy to find and centrally located!

It is centrally located, east of the Beach roundabout and Mulliri The Coffee Company, on Rruga Pelivan Leskaj.  The Tulla Unaze Bus stops at the roundabout and Sapori groceries and fresh produce is a two-minute walk east, back the way the bus came.  

There is a great selection of good quality fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Greens
Cherry Tomatoes-Sapori-Beautiful Vlora
Cherry Tomatoes
Delicious Sweet Peppers

For all of the vegans and vegetarians, Sapori groceries and fresh produce is a great place to shop. I do believe they are the biggest produce place, with their very extensive selection and a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the fruits and vegetables, they offer are imported and many are fresh from the farms in Albania. The quality is outstanding!!

Fresh Fruits-Sapori
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Vegetables-Sapori
Fresh Vegetables
More Fruits and Vegetables-Sapori-Beautiful Vlora
More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Inside Sapori groceries and fresh produce is a treasure trove!

The store is much larger inside than it looks from the outside and is very nicely laid out and organized.

There is a wide variety of products ranging from the usual grocery store items to a full offering of alcoholic beverages.

In addition to the full line of alcohol such as beer, wines and hard liquor there is a large selection of cheeses and deli meats to compliment your wine selection. Furthermore, if you are in the market for a great sandwich they offer anything you could want.

Their general grocery store offering covers such things as cat and dog foods and accessories including collars, leashes, feed bowls, hygiene bags with dispenser, brushes, cat litter, and scoops.

Sapori groceries and fresh produce stocks personal care items including cotton buds, as well as the usual items found in grocery stores such as eggs, bread, and milk.

In conclusion, while providing a convenient and central location as well as a great selection of grocery and food products, Sapori is a great place to shop.

Therefore, when you need to get some groceries head on over to them and they will help you out!!

You can connect with them on their Facebook Page!

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