The National Heroes Cemetery is a great place to go, to pay your respects to some of Albania’s Heroes.

In addition to paying your respects to the National Heroes, the National Heroes Cemetery overlooks the city of Vlora.

The National Heroes Cemetery is located, on the hillside, above Flag Square in Vlora.


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What a great place to situate a cemetery for your country’s heroes!

To get up to the cemetery you must traverse over 12 sets of steps.

If you need a break while going up, there are large landings to stop on.

Cemetery steps-National Heroes Cemetery-Beautiful Vlora
Looking down from the middle landing
Steps up-Beautiful Vlora
Steps up to the first level of graves

The cemetery is very orderly and the graves are well marked.

View of graves-Beautiful Vlora
View of Grave Plots

Upon reaching the level of the graves, you will find there are five levels of graves. Separated by, you guessed it, more steps!

There is a name placard on each grave and sometimes there is a little more information.

The whole area is nicely landscaped, with beautiful flowers and meticulously groomed grass.

Along with the smell of citrus and jasmine blossoms, there is a fresh breeze coming from the ocean.

It is a very beautiful and peaceful place.

Some of the National Heroes are remembered throughout Vlora.

Hasan Kushta grave-National Heroes Cemetery-Beautiful Vlora
Hasan Kushta
Zonja Curre-National Heroes Cemetery-Beautiful Vlora
Zonja Curre
Rustem Laskaj-National Heroes Cemetery-Beautiful Vlora
Rustem Laskaj
Ahmet Arapi-National Heroes Cemetery-Beautiful Vlora
Ahmet Arapi

Hasan Kushta, one of the nation’s heroes, lies in a marked grave.

There is a street in Vlora named after him.

Rruga Hasan Kushta-Beautiful Vlora
Street named after Hasan Kushta

From the steps, below the cemetery, are great views of Vlora.

Flag Square-National Heroes Cemetery-Beautiful Vlora
Flag Square

To the north is the Zvernec Monastery and the Vjose-Narte Protected Landscape Reserve.

Closer in is the old part of the city which has been partially restored.

Just below is a mosque, built in 2014.

You can see the minaret.

In addition, there is a street of colorful buildings, which you look down upon.

The Ethnographic Museum is near there.

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On the hill to the south, above the cemetery, sit two mosques with green domes.

While below there is a mix of new unfinished apartments and old tile-roofed houses.

Along with some newly renovated houses and new apartment buildings.

Further out to the west is the bay of Vlora.

It is a beautiful scene to behold.

To conclude, this is a very beautiful cemetery and well worth the effort to go see it.

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