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The Beautiful Vlora website is a complete, current, in-depth, local resource, helping tourists and locals discover Vlora and beyond.

Why “Beautiful Vlora”?

A short story, for insight.

When I first arrived in Vlora, there were many things I wanted to know and places I wanted to find. Not speaking any Albanian or Italian I was at a loss. So, I walked all around Vlora and found most of the answers to my inquiries.

This journey gave me the idea to create, the Beautiful Vlora website.

The actual name came from the fact that from the moment I arrived, I saw the beauty of Vlora, from the bay to the mountains, and the generosity of its people.

The Beautiful Vlora website is designed to help tourists and locals alike.

Providing information about methods of travel inside Vlora, including the Vlora city bus as well as around Albania and beyond.

In addition, information on local businesses, including restaurants, markets, and shopping, just to name a few.

As well as, Local attractions, history, and additional areas of interest within Vlora, expanding out to include other parts of Albania and beyond.

The more I learn about Vlora, I find additional areas about Vlora, Albania and beyond, that might prove interesting and helpful to you.

One of the additional areas is My Life in Vlora. Some of the areas I want to cover are sewing, gardening, knitting, soap making, and maybe English language.

My "First-Ever" Hand Knit Socks all finished-Beautiful Vlora
My First Hand Knit Socks
Homemade Soap-My Life in Vlora-Beautiful Vlora
My Homemade Soap

As a result, I am always expanding my categories and articles as I find new interests.

This is where I could use your help, to make a more complete and interesting resource.

The Questions/Suggestions Form is a place for you to let me know what you are interested in. Thereafter, allowing me to investigate, answer your questions and improve the website.

In conclusion, the Beautiful Vlora website is here to help you discover Vlora and beyond, whether a tourist or a local. 

Thank you very much for visiting the Beautiful Vlora website. I hope you find it informational and helpful.

I welcome your questions and suggestions. Please feel free to fill out the Questions/Suggestions Form, below.

Thank you for taking the time to ask or suggest and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you, for visiting the Beautiful Vlora website.